Bonnie B (Cancer)

Bonnie Butler – Accilion and cancer

On a bright sunny day in February 2013, I heard those awful, dreaded words.

A doctor I had just met in the hospital said to me, “I am afraid I have bad news, you have CANCER”.  The room went black….the ringing in my ears was deafening….all I could think of was how this was going to affect my children, my family and my friends.…

My world stood still… diagnosis:  Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer …..

The Day…..

I had been having trouble breathing for a week or more.  I had also been very ill for the previous two months. One day I could hardly make it up the stairs without great difficulty.

I drove myself to the hospital and on the way there, my daughter’s car broke down on the interstate…..luckily a friend from our little town recognized me standing alongside the road and he picked me up and rushed me to my doctor’s office…there the doctor took one listen to my chest, took my blood pressure which was 247/135, my oxygen level was below 80 and she called an ambulance to take me to the hospital.

I was rushed into the ER, to be treated over other patients, an x-ray revealed fluid on my right lung…….I was immediately admitted to the cardiac ICU to try to get my skyrocketing blood pressure down before I had a heart attack or worse, a stroke. The next day, the doctors drained almost 3 liters of fluid from around my lung, sent it to the testing lab, and the messenger came to me with the dreaded results.

The next day, a CAT scan revealed a large tumor/mass in my left pelvic region…the Doctors did not know what type of cancer it was, so late on that Friday evening, an oncologist was called in for an emergency consultation:  Ovarian Cancer with metastasis to my right lung… family had gathered for the results that would forever change mine and their worlds forever….I remember that night, the oncologist was explaining my condition to my family,  I had a large tumor on my left ovary, it was 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.25 inches which eventually grew to 3.5 x 2.23 x 4.732 inches before surgery, I was numb, voices came and went in my head, I heard practically nothing he had said, I sat on the bed like I was watching a movie, except I was the star……

I went home that Friday night and cried, circled by my family and their love. I spent the weekend in a very dark and painful emotional state. I stayed in my family room of our big house with the lights off, not sleeping, not believing that there was this monster growing inside me that could take my life……

On that next Monday, I got up and decided to fight this.

I called a friend and colleague, Craig Walcott, and told him my devastating news….I asked him for help with anything he could recommend to help me with treating my disease naturally.  He stated:  “I have a product here that I am going to send to you, I just received it, use it as directed, rub it on the area over your tumor and know that this cream has produced amazing results in many other people that have been diagnosed with cancer”.  I didn’t ask any questions, I didn’t doubt the product….

The Accilion cream arrived on February 16th.

Without question, I immediately and religiously used the cream 2 times a day. I was scheduled for chemo and started my cancer journey on February 20, 2013……

On a blustery day in March, I noticed the long awaited ‘rash’ that appeared directly over my tumor in my pelvic region….I called Craig and the news was received with great glee, there was much laughter and congratulations….I didn’t know then that a ‘rash’ meant my disease was literally being pulled out through my skin….we called the formulators, more celebration….I felt like a Queen…

I went thru 4 rounds of chemo and then was scheduled for major, evasive surgery on May 20…..Surgery was over 6 hours long, many tumors removed, some organs as well.  As soon as the largest tumor was removed, the rash disappeared, however, in surgery, the doctor had mistakenly nicked my lining of my lung, spilling over 2 liters of malignant, cancerous cell fluid into my abdominal cavity on my right side….not a good thing….I stayed at the hospital for 7 days.

I continued to apply the cream to the same left pelvic region, since I received the cream, in February, and was also treating the right pelvic region as well ever as a precaution. Then, on June 16, another rash appeared on my right side with a vengeance. This rash has continued to this day coming and going as it was doing its work deep inside my body to rid me of this awful disease.

I have refused any chemo treatments since my last and very painful encounter with chemo on April 25th.  As it were, I was resistant to the chemo they had to offer for my specific disease….even testing showed their chemo would not produce significant results, BUT would poison or perhaps kill me in the meantime. My doctors were furious and dismayed, not believing me in my quest to obtain natural treatment.

I continued visits to my doctor and on Sept 10th, a CAT scan was scheduled….but not for another month…..the waiting was overwhelming….on Oct 10th, the CAT scan was performed…..another week of waiting for the results….on Oct 17th I met with my doctor, he was very quiet entering the room, he seemed baffled, he sat down, started to read 2 pieces of paper he was carrying….my heart was pounding….he started by saying: “Your blood work is excellent, you are in very good physical condition….”, I interrupted: “What are the results of the scan?”…. He didn’t elaborate….I asked for copies of the papers he was carrying containing my test results…..even I could read that there was NO new cancerous growths….there were very small nodes that were leftover from surgery (too small for the surgeon to remove)…..these nodes had DECREASED in size since surgery….there was ONE, only one, that was measurable, and had reduced in size from 12mm down to 7mm (less than 1/8 of an inch)….my organs were performing and I was in visible good health…of course my doctor wanted to discuss more treatment with the chemo that didn’t work effectively in the first place.  I again refused…..

Today, I continue my treatment with the Accilion cream, every day, twice a day without fail….I welcome my ‘rash’ as I know it is still cleaning out my cancer and I had much to clean out……

Thanks to this amazing Accilion cream, I have remained in good physical condition, race walking a mile every day with my two little miniature greyhounds, playing with my new great-grandson born just days after my diagnosis, working in my garden, taking trips across the nation, waking every day with hope and conviction knowing that I have the protection and healing of the Accilion ….My life has been given back to me ten fold and more…..

LIFE is definitely GOOD…….many thanks to the formulators of Accilion and the science behind this amazing cream……I am blessed to have had been introduced to this cream and the friend that gave it to me….may God Bless him also….