Richard B. (Cancer) -Text-

To; [Advance Mineral Compounds],

Craig Wells and I have been friends for years and mostly get together during the summers at the local farmers auctions, in rural New York State, which are a lot of fun and quite profitable. I started feeling poorly and finally went to the doctor who told me that I had a combination of things wrong with me but mostly metastasized cancer of the prostate.

I continued to get worse as the days wore on and eventually was admitted to the hospital where I was in intensive care and told I was dying. Craig spoke with my wife, Wynona, who told him they were moving me to hospice in Batavia and had given me about three weeks to live. Craig asked if he could enroll Dick in their non-clinical trials; they approved and he gave Wynona their formula which she started using on me in the hospice. Quite surprisingly, after about 3 days or so I sat up and looked around, then sat on the edge of the bed and called Craig to see why he hadn’t called me. Wynona continued to administer the formula and I continued to improve to the point where I got a scooter and was riding around the hospice. They then decided I could go home for a weekend, so I did and the next thing you know this 77 year old man was back driving my pick-up truck and getting around on crutches, which was because of back problems and not due to the cancer. I went to the Saturday Auction and everyone was cheering because I was there with my scooter riding around and buying farm equipment (Most people never expected to see me again). Since the auction, I have been seen driving my bull dozer up the hill at my farm making a road up to the pond and back woods and most recently I bought a small motor home and a fishing boat to take my grand kids fishing. Just recently, I bought my wife a car because I was using the truck all the time. As I say now, It is just so wonderful to get up each day and enjoy being alive. Four months later, I am still living an active life; it is over a year since Craig’s doctors gave him three weeks to live and I hope to do as well as Craig has done.

Thanks for helping me and my friend.

Richard Burrs

September 17, 2012