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PSA 23rd February 2012 – 113.4.

March 18th 2012. Hormone injection due tomorrow. Not happy about it but my prostate is now solid, measuring some 7 centimetres. As it is affecting my whole urinary tract and my bowel movements I have to do something. I am currently wearing a catheter to enable me to urinate and sleep at night. Otherwise I would be up 5-6 times a night.

March 19th. Had my first hormone injection. (Leuprorelin/Prostap SR, US called Lupron I believe). Object is to reduce size of prostate.

March 20th. Started [Accilion] cream treatment received from Pat today.

March 21st. Catheter removed after two weeks.

March 27th. After one week on the cream I feel quite weak and am sleeping a lot during the day. I am told that is a good sign.

April 2nd. PSA test down 30.4 points to 83.0. Still very weak. Used to walk 3-5 miles a day and exercised every day. Right now can hardly walk more than 5 minutes and can’t exercise at all. Too weak. Had a catheter re-fitted because I am up 5 or 6 times a night to urinate. With the catheter I have a 2 litre bag on the floor and can sleep through the night without interruption.

April 11th. Still have urine problems but feeling stronger.  GP prescribed Tamsulosin to aid urine flow.

April 16th. Had 2nd. Hormone injection. Still weak.

April 19th . Catheter removed. Still up 2-3 times a night but feeling stronger and was able to walk 2 miles today.

April 20th. Started light exercises and stretching.

April 25th. Now able to walk 2-3 miles each day and doing 10 minutes on rebounder every morning.

April 27th. I have my own colema board and bowel movements were still sluggish so decided to have colonic irrigation each morning from today to clear out all the rubbish in my colon.

May 9th. I stopped colonics after good daily clear out.

May 12th.  Feeling a lot weaker again. Urine horrible colour. Walking less and cut down on exercise.

May 14th.  Third hormone injection. As I am only getting up once, sometimes twice, a night something is definitely working. Need to sleep once or twice during day.

May 16th. Took sample of urine to pathology lab to see if they can detect dead cancer cells in the sample. The colour was horrible so they must come back with something. Looking forward to the report. Also went to hospital in morning for PSA test. In evening went to local doctor for ECG. Heart is fine.

Whilst there, the result of my PSA test came in.  Astounding 1.7! Couldn’t believe it but it is true. Still quite weak but getting stronger. I assume the weakness is due to all the dead cancer cells in my body which have to be eliminated. I am told that I must keep using the cream until I feel strong again and that I will feel better than I have felt for many years. I look forward to that day and will add further to this report as I progress.

My PSA history;

ROBERT POWER PSA levels since 28th. April 2008.

28       April   2008             005.8

01       June  2008             009.90

9          July     2008           010.7

14       Aug.   2008             013.1

01       Oct.    2008             020.8

17       Nov.   2008             021.9

16       Jan.     2009           028.3

19       Feb.    2009            035.7

25       Mar.  2009              041.3

17       April  2009             039.5

13       May    2009             051.6

08       June  2009             064.1

14       June  2009             058.4 (At Fachklinik, Frankfurt, Germany)

03       July    2009                          (Departed Klinik. Waste of money!

13       July    2009             079.1

13       Aug.    2009             072.5

10       Sept.  2009             085.5

09       Oct.     2009             103

04       Dec.    2009             115.7

19       Jan.    2010             123.6

02       Mar.    2010             148.1

20       April   2010             154.3

08       June  2010             168.3

20       Aug.   2010             168.1

25       Nov.   2010              175.8

31       Jan.   2011              203.0

14       April  2011              049.1

31       May    2011              103.4

07       Sept.  2011              135.1

29       Nov.    2011              147.0

19       Jan.    2012              059.0

23       Feb.    2012              113.4

20       Mar.    2012              Started [Accilion]

02       April   2012              083.0

16       May    2012              001.7


Robert Power