Robin W. (MRSA) -Text-

Subject:     MERSA/MODI   Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:29 PM
MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Cellulitis Nose

My name is Robin and my story began Monday September 10th 2112.
On a plane coming from Salt Lake City to Burbank my nose began to itch a little.
I thought I might be getting a cold or allergic to something, by Tuesday, the
following morning, my entire nose was red and swollen.

I’ve never had a sinus infection before, so I thought that must be what I had.
As the day went on I became feverish. My temp was 100.9. I called the Motion
Picture and Television Fund clinic in Toluca Lake, not too far from my home. I
am a Union member so I knew they would see me. I do not have a GP. I’m a really
healthy person and rarely even go to a doctor. They said they could not get me
in until Friday. I went out with some friends that night and my nose was getting
worse and I was feeling bad. They were worried about my nose and so I called the
clinic again the next day. Still they couldn’t get me in until Friday. I told
them I thought I had a really bad sinus infection and needed some antibiotics.

My temperature was 101 and I continued to get worse. My nose was huge by this
time, bulbous and throbbing. I went to the clinic Friday morning and Dr. A* (an
Internal medicine MD) took one look at me and said “this is very serious, you
have cellulitis” He gave me a prescription for Bactrim and Sulfamethoxazole. Both
2x a day and some Bactrim ointment to put inside and outside of my nose and sent me to the nurse to get a shot with 2 other antibiotics in it. “You must come
back again tomorrow so I can see how you are doing and whether or not this is
getting any worse.”

September 16th… another shot and another Doctor. Doctor T* (Internal Medicine). He was also very worried about me. He gave a prescription for codeine
so I could at least sleep at night and told me the clinic was closed on Sunday
but I must be seen the very next morning without fail. He told me again this
was serious and could spread to my brain or lungs. “Try to sleep sitting up if
you can so it doesn’t drain back towards your brain.  We will try to keep you
out of the hospital if we can.”

September 17th. Motion Picture Hospital out by Topanga canyon.  I saw Dr. S*, another Internist, she told me no more shots because they were useless,
the culture came back positive for MRSA and explained what that was to me. It
was sometimes called the SUPER BUG. Yes it is very dangerous. We must watch it
really close. If it doesn’t get better or gets any worse we will have to put you
in the Hospital. We would rather not do that because you are safer at home. Your
immune system is compromised now and you could catch anything. She said it was contagious skin to skin only, and I could still see my friends if they didn’t
touch my face or stick their fingers up my nose. She measured my nose and told
me to keep taking the meds and to go again to the clinic in the morning. By now
I was really worried and mortified. My nose looked horrible and I felt really
sick. I was getting a rash and Dr S* said to continue to take the drugs
anyway. It would be too dangerous to stop.

September 18th Saw Dr W* (Internal medicine) at the clinic and he said to
keep coming to the clinic so they could keep an eye on me and keep taking the
medications. My temperature would go up at night to 102 and my nose was still
about the same. Every day I went to the clinic for a while and then every 2-3 days. It wasn’t spreading to my brain or lungs yet, but it didn’t seem to be any better and I was getting very depressed. I had a rash all over my body except my face, feet and palms. They said it was a “DRY” rash and was probably from all of the
antibiotics. If it turned “wet” I was to call immediately.

September 24th I told Dr W* that there was something up inside of my nose, a bump or something. He took one look up there and went out to the desk to see if he could get me into a “Nose” doctor. I was to go straight to Dr. N*s at his office  to have the abscess lanced and cultured. The order read: CELLULITIS, NOSE WITH RIGHT INTRANASAL ABSCESS, STAT. Dr. N*s door said he was a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Head and Neck surgeon. I was confused. Why was I going to a surgeon? He was also an Assistant Professor UCLA-Diplomate. He lanced the abscess and renewed my RX for Bactrim and added a drug called Rifampin 2x a day for 10 days and to continue to use the Bactrim ointment at least 2x a day inside and outside of my nose. I told him it was
MERSA and he said “Yes I know”.

A few days earlier I had talked with a friend of mine, Mr. W*, and he told
me that Mr. Patrick Kennedy and his brother John had a new product called [Accilion] that was showing itself to be helping hopeless people with terminal diseases and we talked to Mr. Kennedy on a conference call. I explained to him my situation and he said he would send me some right away. I read all of the information on the Website and signed the consent form. I was desperate. I would try it.

September 26th the [Accilion] arrived and I called Mr. Kennedy to get directions on exactly how to use it. I began to use it 5-6 times a day on my nose, face,
temples, back of my neck and under my left armpit. (I had a cyst there the
month before I got the MRSA). I kept a journal. The only side effects I had were
some fatigue and dryness in my mouth and my food tasted a little like “metal”.
Nothing I couldn’t deal with. I was starting to have real hope.

October 3rd my culture came back “no new growth” I continued to take my
medication and use the [Accilion].
October 11th. I noticed improvement every day after I started the [Accilion]. My rash was gone, my fever was gone and my nose was less swollen and just pink now instead of bright red and bulbous. Dr. T* at the clinic said I was a lucky
girl and that he had thought I was going to need reconstructive surgery. That
was why they sent me to Dr N*. All of the Doctors were pleased and amazed at how well and how fast I was healing.

Late October I took a trip to Utah, with the permission of the Doctors, and
after going to some hot springs one day and soaking for an hour or so my nose
just peeled off, almost in one big strip, like a band aid. A thick piece of skin. Underneath was a baby’s bottom like softness. It was slightly pinkish and
so soft, my whole nose. It was like a brand new nose!

November 6th Dr. N* said I looked great and my nose was amazing and soft.
It was new skin he said. He was writing in my chart “situation resolved”, “If it
ever comes back, call me immediately and we will begin the treatment again,
aggressive and fast.”

My only regret is that I was too sick, horrified and vain to take pictures of
the ugly mess. I should have done that for Mr. Kennedy.

December 17th 2012.  I continue to use a tiny bit of [Accilion] every day, twice. I use it in the morning after my shower and before I go to bed at night, just a tad on my nose and neck and under my left arm. I don’t wash it off. I put my makeup on right over it.

I’m actually afraid not to use it. I have never been that sick in my life and
I’ve never ever been more grateful. I do believe that [Accilion] saved my nose and
possibly my life!

Very Sincerely, Robin W.

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